february already

geez louise.  how did this happen?  i’m not ready.  but then again, i’m not not ready either.  so many things to do.  but all i want to do is nap.  like my kitten.  how nice would that be?  nap, play and eat all day.  what a life!!

it’s f’ing freezing here in nyc.  and across the nation, so i understand.   time for sweaters, sweaters, sweaters.

i’m trying to find voiceovers on tv that i would be cast in.  it’s amazing how many drug and personal hygiene ads are on television.  i don’t really pay attention to them that much otherwise but having to actually listen to them…..wow.  and some ads are SO badly written.  it’s amazing to me that roomfuls of executives from the client and agency sides reviewed and approved this stuff.  it is just one more indication that there are a shitload of overpaid people out there.  people with super-sized egos and mediocre abilities.

so.  i continue the search for some good ad copy.  if only i could be the afflac duck.

to the office!!!


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