well, hello.

Hi, there.  It’s been a while.  I see the last time I posted was with a little bit of info about the jackassical company at which I currently am employed.  In April, there was the brouhaha about bankruptcy, which actually occurred in October.  Now, you’d think we would all be out of business.  Or reassigned.  Or something.  But, I’m happy to report that the non-existent lines of communication are still in place.  Now…..don’t get me wrong.  I’m super excited to be doing the little that I am and still get paid.  However, it would be most helpful in moving forward with life if the management would be so kind as to let all of us know if / when we will be closing.  I’m just saying.

In the meantime, I have been a busy bee.  I’ve finished up my animated children’s show presentation and pitched it at the Los Angeles Television Festival.  That was in July.  Then I got feedback from those companies and re-did a few things and am now ready (finally!!) to pitch to New York companies.  Sooooo excited.  And.  I made a voiceover demo — for commercials and animation.  I came to New York to be a talking banana and wasted about 12 years in the fashion industry covering insecure women in silk.

But that, my friends, is over.  It’s the dawn of 2010 and I’m kicking some New Year ass.  Oh!  If you want to listen to my VO demos, they are on my website so feel free to put your ear to the old iTunes.  Mwah!!!



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