Coffee and men

so i’m at my local coffee shop and this two guys are chatting about girlfriends and “the l word” — love.  apparently one of the girlfriends had the audacity to actually fall in love with her boyfriend.  and he just found out about it.  and it was a big scene.  and he was completely taken by surprise.

 he said she was playing it cool on the surface so he thought everything was status quo and “it’s all good”.  in other words, he was oblivious.  amazing.  dudes.  listen with your eyes, not your ears.  and if you are even more evolved, listen with your heart and your gut.  the ladies may not always mean what they say or say what they mean but if she is doing things for you she wants more than just great sex and hanging out.  and she’s probably too uncertain about how you feel and scared herself… she’s trying not to just throw it all out there.  

but there are signs.  there are indications.

has she cooked for you?  shopped for clothing for you?  visited your family?  helped you out with a project?  advised you about what do to in a work situation?  been your confidante?  hmmmmmmmm.  i wonder what she could want.  it’s a mystery.

listen up, jackass.  she probably wants to be in your life for a very long time.  like as a wife.  wake up.  and if you are over the age of 25, then this should not be a big surprise to you.  most girls want to become wives and mothers at some point.  

glad to see that i’m not the only one who has encountered this type of blind idiocy.  or is it willful mis-direction.  mixed signals sent to keep the ladies off balance and ensure that they can deny, deny, deny when pressed at some point.  “oh, no… misunderstood that.  we’re just hanging out.”   hmmmmm, indeed.

holy crap.  i’m writing like carrie bradshaw.  time to stop.  ciao for now!!!


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