Aaron Neville Easter Weekend

So, this has been a very New York-y weekend.  Friday afternoon I grabbed lunch at an UES diner and randomly saw Tommy Hilfiger a couple of tables away from me.  

Then went to the MET and got trapped in the American Wing.  Seriously.  They are renovating and there is only one entrance and exit.  I found myself trapped in the hall of pewter tankards.  It was harrowing.  Like an intellectual horror film.  


But the walk across Central Park on my way downtown was super pleasant and the trees are in full bloom; there is a magnificent cherry tree just east of the turtle pond outside the castle.  It is huge and filled with pink blooms.


Went to a solid improv show at The P.I.T. — The Upset Triangle Company.  They EXCEL at doing slide shows and photo montages.  Hysterical.  One slide show of Dan becoming best friends with his bicycle and Pat upset about it and another detailing Dan’s childhood friendship with a platypus his dad brought home from Australia.  Tee-hee.  Platypuses.    

And that’s actually the second improv show I’ve seen with a platypus in it.  The first was this duo from Boston called Code Duello that always re-enacts the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr (http://www.codeduelloimprov.com/).  They are truly a pair of the funniest guys ever.  Hamilton gave Aaron a platypus for his birthday and they ended up calling it a Burrypus the entire show.  Seriously side-splitting.

Went to Stand Up New York.  Really funny stuff.  There was this fattish kid with a “jewfro”, as he called it, who was super funny.  The other comics were pretty good too.  Brooklyn table of audience members was hostile towards all of the comics.  I mean, they looked like they wanted to punch all of them.  Ridiculous.

Other than that, it was far and away better than the “comedy show” my friend and I saw the other night.  It was like watching your veins being stripped.  HORRIBLE.  I started a napkin writing exchange which helped us get through it:  

Me:  “If we drink our beers quickly and Matt goes up pretty soon then we can get the hell out of here and grab a cocktail somewhere else before committing random acts of violence.”  

Melissa:  “He better be next.”

And so on.  The piece de resistance is that Melissa kept making check signals at this woman with a pen who was wearing black.  She finally comes over and says she is not a waitress and that we should wait for the headliner who is really funny.  We both answer simultaneously:  “I can’t” “Oh, nooooo.  We have to get out of here.”  Yes.  It was that bad.  A bunch of women stand-ups who were mediocre and predictable and just not funny.  Abysmal.  I mean, come on ladies.  Frickin’ step up.

Then…….today I went to mass at St. Francis Xavier and Aaron Neville walks down the aisle during communion!!!  Crazy.

As a friend texted me:  Happy Resurrection Day!!!


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