No, not Levigne.  The month.  So soon.  So, so soon.  Sun, yes.  Balmier days, yes.  But, taxes and all that bullshit too.  When I lived in Seattle, my roommate Margaret’s friends always had a Pauper Party on April 16th.  Good times.  Chili with all the fixin’s (one is obligated to drop the “g” when using the word “fixin’s”) — onions, cheese, jalapeno peppers, sour cream, etc.  Delish.  

My friend, Carla, is having a recession party.  Could be just as fun.  But has the ring of “we’re screwed” to it as well.  Recession party.  Maybe I’ll run on that ticket next year.  Keep the recession going strong.  See how people respond to that.  My platform would have to be very carefully thought out so as to ensure that any new jobs were shipped overseas and that we stopped producing anything at all here in this country.  Maybe we could invade Canada and that would pump up the economy.  War is always good for revving up the old capitalist engine.  

I’m reading “The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization” by Bryan Ward Pickens.  Very, very interesting book.  I highly recommend it.  Good to remind oneself of some stuff.  After all, history DOES repeat itself.  As do refried beans.


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