Miami – WMC

So.  I just got back from Miami, where they had the Winter Music Conference.  It was so bizarre and crazy and surreal.  Outbound and inbound flights delayed by three hours.  Beaches okay but semi-cloudy.  Rained everv day.  Huge mistake to have opened my work emails where I got a notice that my wages were cut.  Awesome.  Trip cost over a grand.  Didn’t meet any interesting people.  Characters, yes.  People, no.  Tattoos, implants, ass cleavage and butt cheeks everywhere, huge sunglasses, high heels, tons of make-up, vacuous conversation.  That about sums it up.

Argh.  LUCKILY my traveling companions were hysterical so there was a lot of laughing.  Thank God for that.  

Returned  to fall down a flight of stairs this morning on my way out my apartment.  Landed on my ass and elbows, so we’ll see if there was any real damage by the time I get to work.  

Argh again.  I can already feel my arms starting to ache.  2009.  Full of surprises.


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